Monday, February 16, 2015

Video Editor? more like Profanity Producer!

Just finished part 19 in the building series on the Core Sound 15. The prototype that went to a customer in Florida was completed almost 4 months ago but if feels like i haven't had a spare moment to work on videos since then.

Well, this weekend I forced myself through another segment using a new program which always takes longer. I'm now using Power Director 13 which was a Christmas gift! (thank you Dad) Using windows movie maker was really a drag with the large files I'm working with. The raw files for this video are around 10 GB and the finished video came in at 2.3 GB rendered at 1280x720. All video and audio was taken from my Samsung Galaxy S5 (same as all the other videos) which is also my everyday phone.

Below is a screenshot of Power Director. It has waaaay more features than i need and I actually had to look pretty hard to find settings that would kind of match the sort of outdated look of the old videos so that the series would kind of match but the speed of the program is at least 4 times faster maybe more and rendering takes a fraction of the time. It also has many features that I'm sure will come in handy as I become a better producer.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Core Sound 15 Leaves B&B

The CS-15 that has been the focus of the video series I started last year has left the B&B shop bound for Florida with her new owner. She received her new decals as well as a few last touches. Trailer rollers and mast crutches for transport. I hope to see some pictures of her in her new home on a lift in the canals of Florida.

As for the video series, I am still working on the next batch of videos. SOON i hope.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Core Sound 15 sails at the Messabout 2014

Sunday the breeze filled in and Graham took some video of me spinning around and tacking. The boat is very lively and light on the helm. She takes off much quicker than the CS-17 but has a lot more stability than a Spindrift 12. What a fun boat to sail!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

New Build Videos on the Core Sound 15

Here are a few more videos in the Core Sound 15 build series.

And here is a short introduction to a Stanley #4 wood plane.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Videos from the B & B Messabout 2014

In the above video, Robert and I attempt to chase down the CS20 MK3. She is a fast boat!

Later the new MK3 CS20 sucessfully completed a self righting test with ballast tanks full.

For comparision here is the self righting test done at the 2013 Messabout in the Core Sound 20 Mk2 that recently completed the North Carolina Challenge 2014.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

B&B Messabout (Sunday)

here are some pictures I took on Sunday. I also created a Facebook group for the B&B messabout with many more pictures that can be seen here.

A lineup of CS's (my 17 'Southbound' then the new CS-15 'Amazing Grace' then 'Dawn Patrol' and on the end I believe is Brent's CS-20. 

A fuzzy shot of the new CS-20 Mk3

Dejah dog eating a pine cone next to a Mandy named 'Mandy'

Dawn (my mom) out for a sail in the new CS-15


Peters Bright CS-17

Joe and Sally's EC-22 charging along

Right past the dock. 

Another shot of Dawn Patrol

Tom Lathrop on his Lapwing

Graham and Doug test out the stability of the new 20 MK3

Mark 3 20!!!

The ever cheerful Robert jumped on board the 15 for a quick blast around the creek. 

The new CS-15 riding in the lee of the dock ready for another outing. 

Bill "Doc" Palumbo's CS-17 'Petunia' splashed after 6 years of work! Well Done. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

B&B Messabout 2014 (Saturday)

The Boat shed down by the waterfront turned buffet area. 

A Band even showed up!!

The CS 15 "Amazing Grace", YES IT'S THE ONE FROM THE VIDEOS!!!! Finished. More videos on it coming soon I promise...

Here she is from the stern ready to set sail. 

A happy new owner

Joe and Sally's EC 22 cruising off the day before the messabout

Richard, owner of enjoying his new CS-15 on Saturday

Sun setting over the CS-15

My little puppy 'Dejah' finally worked up the courage to venture out onto the dock. 
Chicken may have helped motivate her. 

The famous 'Dawn Patrol' holder of Class 4 watertribe course records for the North Carolina Challenge, Black Beard Chalenge, and Everglades Challenge!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Furry Addition

 This weekend we brought home a new furry friend into our lives. Dejah is a rescue puppy picked up on the streets in Clinton, NC. She is 5 months old and has one blue eye. She is very sweet and quiet. We are loving her!
 She loves to be wherever you are.
And she loves WoodenBoat Magazine!

This week at the B and B Yacht Designs Shop in Vandemere, NC we had a misty morning and I snapped some pictures at the dock as the seagulls flew over the glassy creek.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Core Sound 17 'Southbound' gets a weigh in

This week at the shop I finally got around to purchasing a new trailer for my Core Sound 17 'Southbound'. The original trailer was commandeered for the Mosquito Trimaran and I don't want to modify it back to fit the 17.  We took the opportunity to lift her onto the trailer with the tractor and use a newly acquired digital scale to weigh her. Any guesses???

She weighed in at 445 pounds with no accessories. No masts, sails, sprits, rudder, anchor. So all up probably a 500 lb boat.

Here she sits on the new Trailer.

Mandy inspects the welds and declares them to be sound. She says that we may proceed. 

The trailer needs a little adjusting as there is a bit of overhang at the moment but all looks good for many more sailing trips to come. 

Monday, August 04, 2014

Starting to look like a Boat

This weekend I glued in the tabernacle assembly and the mizzen mast bast. I also got some work done on the foredeck and the carlins that will support the side deck. Here are parts 12 and 13.